So, it’s official!

I got my formal ‘pink slip’ yesterday.  I’m still being told there is a possibility, albeit a very slim one, that a position could open up soon but I’m not going to hold my breath.  So, I’ve taken a couple of comments from friends and family and started to investigate some alternative options.

I have a love of teaching and I live near several senior communities.  I have a lot of computer experience.  I might be able to translate my computer skills and love of teaching into teaching older adults some basic computer skills.  I am really mulling this idea over and starting to check out how I could implement it and if I could actually make any money doing it.  This could also expand into classes for kids or even other adults who have only limited computing skills.  It could be a mobile class with laptops or an on-site location… but an on-site location has a lot more overhead to consider than a mobile environment.  Then there’s the whole financing this type of operation when I’m being pushed out of a job.  I have no idea where I might get funding for this type of “adventure.”

Another thought, would be along similar lines but more of a “girl Friday” helping the senior community with grocery shopping, helping them pay bills or take care of errands with or for them.   I could tailor my work times around my children’s school schedules which would be very nice.

I’ve also thought about basic bookkeeping or becoming a certified tax professional but I don’t have any experience with either of these other than doing my own taxes, taxes for my parents and paying nanny taxes when we were forced to have in home childcare  when my youngest was a tiny newborn

I’m not looking to be a millionaire (although that would certainly be nice) but I am looking to be able to pay our living expenses if my husband should lose his contracting job like I have.  In this day and age, with Gates’ recent announcement of all these financial cuts across the Department of Defense, that could become a reality sooner than we’d like.  Like so many people in this country, we are seriously underwater on our home so if we both lost our jobs at the same time, we would be in very big trouble financially.

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  1. Greetings I’m sorry to hear about you getting a pink slip it happens alot these days unfortunately. The job market is still really unstable. The safest thing you can o for yourself and your family is find something that does not rely on others for your income. If you were to become self employed your future both in career and financially would truly be under your control. I do wish you the best and hope this time of challenges ends soon in some way and wish you success and prosperity in whatever you do.


    1. Thanks so much. I am definitely interested in starting my own business… I think I’ve bought 15 books in the last few weeks to give me some ideas and try to figure out where in the world to start.


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