Long time…

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the opportunity to create a new post.  Life has been passing by very quickly.  Lots of family issues, job drama, and homework.  After several years of working on college classes while working full-time and raising my children, I will finally be getting my Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing on November 15th.  I was considering moving right on to working on my MBA… but life has thrown a huge array of curve balls lately and I think it’s time to take a break.  Not to mention, I’m not sure how beneficial the degree would really be…

Besides all the family issues, job drama and finally completing my degree, I’ve picked up a new hobby… photography, both still and videography.  Right now, most of my photography revolves around my husband’s two different bands so I am struggling with lighting issues not to mention trying to understand the best way to capture the music when you can’t place the video camera directly centered on the band and there’s a lot of ambient noise from crowds talking and laughing! I’ve gotten some really good shots of the bands, but am still learning composition too and how not to be obtrusive yet still capturing the feel of the evening.  It’s much more challenging that I would have thought.

I’ve got some decent consumer level cameras…but I don’t plan to invest in really the good stuff until I get more of the basic photography and videography stuff figured out. Who knows, maybe I could turn my photography from a hobby into a way to make money!   The pics below are samples from camping trips, visits to the beach at sunset and one of the more recent gigs that my hubby played at here in our local area with his band Modern Mayhem.  He still had his Halloween wraps on his kit that’s why the RIP and skulls.

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    1. Thanks so much. I really like your work! What kind of camera do you use and what are your favorite lenses? I’ve got a Canon 7D and the two lenses I have are a Canon 50mm 1.4f and a Canon 28-135mm 3.5-5.6f.

      I’m a novice and I know it. I have a lot to learn about my camera and lot to learn about composition. Not to mention that I don’t even know how to use Photoshop yet other than to crop and resize so all my photos are unedited. Since I’m finally done with my degree, I’m really hoping to have more time now to start developing my photography skills. I really enjoy photographing my husband’s bands but the guys kind of get tired of the camera in their faces all the time!


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