So much information out there!

Virtual Business ServicesIn the last few weeks, as I’ve contemplating kicking off this new Virtual Business Services, Digital Marketing and Real Estate Photography Business, I have really been searching for the right help to get my business moving in the right direction.

I love to learn so I am currently pursuing my MBA focused in Marketing. I only have 3 more classes plus my final project, so the light is at the end of the tunnel!  I have also been reading tons of business websites, joining a wide variety of social media groups and quietly watching all kinds of internet marketing gurus trying to find the ONE that really clicks with me.

From a business support perspective, I really enjoy following Biz Women Rock, The VA Training Hub (the Techie Mentor), and Click Funnels (full disclosure – the Click Funnels link is an affiliate link – but I like this product so there you go!).  There is so much utility for businesses that use Click Funnels to build their sales funnels.  Click Funnels can be used to sell products or services to include real estate or chiropractic care.  Anyway, after checking it out for weeks and reading two of Russell Brunson’s books (DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets – You can get either or both FREE just by paying shipping).  So, I decided to enroll in a 100 day Affiliate Boot Camp course designed to help me understand it better and help clients build profitable sales funnels for their businesses.

One of the things they covered in the course today that I think is SO valuable… is the need for all businesses to develop profiles of their customers.  Businesses really need to understand their market and how to reach them effectively.  A roller skating rink is obviously going to target much different audiences than a sports bar would want to target.  So, anyone you hire to develop your digital marketing plan should be asking you about your target market.  Business owners can’t expect a marketer to be able to understand every industry.  A good marketer can help you refine these target markets but if you hire a marketer, you must be prepared to provide information about who your customers are!

Here’s a link to the Free Affiliate Boot Camp I just started.  Nothing to buy.  You don’t have to buy a Click Funnels program, but it will likely be helpful if you plan to USE Click Funnels somewhere down the road…whether for your own business or help someone else build their sales funnels.

There are affiliate links in this post.  They help support my business while providing valuable content that you can use as well!

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